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July 20th

Today we ordered our ultrasound machine, a Philips Envisor. It will connect to our computers so that we can send owners an email of their pet's ultrasound! It is a very high end machine for a general practice and will allow us to scan pregnancies and examine internal organs and hidden structures. Ultrasound is a very gentle tool that can be used whilst the patient is conscious, generally under light sedation. No radiation is produced so it is very safe.

Our ultrasound machine has colour doppler which vets tend to get excited about- this means that it will also allow us to look at the flow of blood, especially in the heart. We will still send some pets to specialists for ultrasound examination, as cardiologists, internists and radiologists have many years of training in ultrasound techniques.

July 6th

We exchanged contracts on Friday and building work begins today! First of all the internal walls go up, then the plumbing and electricity goes in. Data cabling for the computer network, air conditioning ducts and medical gas pipes go into the roof. The walls will be rendered and the floor will start to be laid.

Now that the building work has commenced, the opening date for the practice can be set. Molly and Max Veterinary Practice will open on 25th January, 2010. So exciting! We can't wait to see our first patient come through the doors.

April 8th

We are currently negotiating the lease on a 200m2 space in Parsons Green that has no internal walls. This will allow us to build our ideal practice, to make it people and animal friendly with all the tools we need to provide the best possible general veterinary practice.

Planning permission for a veterinary practice was granted by the council in October 2008. The plans are all drawn and we have our contractor waiting. We can't wait to get going and start meeting our patients!

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